Pay-Per-Click Management is a vital part of any marketing process. PPC still is one of the most profitable ways to market goods and services online. Proper ROAS driven PPC by highly experienced Google professionals is the only thing to look for.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising gives businesses the opportunity to appear within the search results immediatel, and provides the advertiser with complete control over the keywords, adverts and budgets. The ability to track conversions and attribute value means it is still one of the most effective ways at reaching your audience - provided it is ROAS driven.

With The Agency's PPC services, you know that your PPC account is in the right hands. Our experienced PPC consultants and our team of paid search marketing professionals, combined with hands-on Google account management approach make you achieve your PPC goals.

In order to achieve the best results, our PPC approach work hand-in-hand with Search Engine Optimization - maximizing overall results.

In addition to utilizing a unique proprietary PPC interface and Quality Score technology to power the entire process, dedicated Google AdWords Certified PPC Consultants incorporates a team approach involving everything from Server Managers to professional Copywriters - solving even the most difficult cases.

Conversion Tracking is everything

We are stunned by the amount of clients who come to us after managing Google Adwords Campaigns for years - without having implemented Google Conversion Tracking.
Conversion Tracking lies at the core of Pay-Per-Click Advertising. The Agency usually implements dual conversion tracking: both Google Conversion Tracking and our own proprietary Exchange tracking.


Unlike most other PPC companies that use PPC management software and streamline their processes, The Agency use a hands-on and personalized approach to PPC advertising.
Sure enough, PPC software has its advantages (and we do use it as well) but true masters in PPC advertising craft AdWords campaigns like artists. Developing a successful PPC advertising strategy demands an architectural and creative approach - in addition to understanding the fine details and schematics behind AdWords - and Search Engine Optimization.

Cohesive PPC and SEO Strategy

The more expensive the associated PPC ads are, the more value lies in performing SEO on a site in a paid niche. If the average cost-per-click is $5, then a $1,000 SEO campaign will after only a few hundred targeted visitors pay for itself.
Mastering Pay-Per-Click Advertising, you need a solid understanding of Quality Score. This is because your Quality Scores have a huge influence over the cost and effectiveness of your paid search campaigns.
Your Quality Score depends on several factors, including:

Your click-through rate (CTR)

The relevance of each keyword to its ad group

Landing page quality and relevance

The on-site SEO and technical SEO (PageSpeed)

The relevance of your ad text

Your historical AdWords account performance

Strong Quality Scores lower both your cost per click and your cost per conversion. Google Benchmark for Quality Score is today 6. An average score below 6 will increase cost per click with as much as 300% - while an average score above 6 can potentially reduce the cost per click with 50%.
There is a misconception that if only bidding high enough, the ad will be placed in first place. This is not a fact. It is possible to gain the first place in paid search, and still have a lower CPC (Cost Per Click) that the ad in second place. It all boils down to Quality Score.

Certified Google Professionals

"The Google AdWords certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords."
The Agency staff are certified on all levels regarding Google. We have a strong understanding and experience in the use of Google Webmaster tools. All campaigns are ethically driven, where relevancy and Quality Score are the main factors for optimization.
Proof of excellence

Proof of excellence

The Agency (Performance Agency AS) is Google certified on all levels. For all clients we manage to lower CPC costs and increase conversions. Applying all Agency recources (code optimization, PageSpeed improvements, SEO improvements and Pay-Per-Click management), we have in several cases managed to improve ROAS by more than 1000%
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