Highly optimized code makes a world of difference. A perfect PageSpeed is not possible without a perfect code. 80% of all websites are driven by heavyloading CMS’s, pure optimized HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT beats them all on any given day.


Achieving optimized online performance throughout is not possible without optimizing the code that lies beneath it all. Expertise in code optimizing is what makes The Agency really stand out from the rest.

Almost 30% of all websites globally are driven by Wordpress, an excellent CMS - if implemented and optimized correctly. Of sites using CMS, Wordpress drives more than 60% of them. Sadly, most webmasters download a template they think is suitable for their needs, and installs it into the Wordpress CMS - together with a range of plug-ins in order to achieve needed/wanted functionality. A great way to secure average, or more often than not, below average PageSpeed and rankings.

Magento is the most used CMS for shopping websites. Most of the magento installs are open source versions, with millions of lines of unnecessary code that will not only slow down delivery, but also demote rankings, conversions, ROAS and ROI..

The Agency specializes in optimizing Wordpress and Magento - or better yet - we can create the exact same websites with pure, highly optimized HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT.

Optimized Development - Transparent Management

No matter if it is production of pure code, CMS, design or rich media (or SEM, SEO, Exchange/Mobile matters) - all our clients can follow every step of the process on their own Agency Trello Board. From your board you can see detailed development suggestions and order them executed, or post their own tasks.

Programming languages and other expertise

The Agency handles the following:







SVG and SVG/CSS Animations


Anything Adobe - Photoshop, Illustrator, Affter Effects

Anything Google - Google Webmaster Tools, Google Scripts/API


Kinetic Typography


Sample Services Provided

These are some of the most common tasks and projects undertaken:

Convert non-responsive site to responsive


Wordpress to pure code site conversion

Wordpress PageSpeed Optimization

Custom Wordpress plug-in creation

Magento to pure code site conversion

Magento PageSpeed Optimization

App development (iOS & Android)

Static HTML to Wordpress

Billing integrations

API integrations

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram integrations

Original design development

Proof of excellence

Proof of excellence

We have clients who have increased conversions with more than 14% - just by migrating their site to Performance Agency servers. Some of this increase is due to added SSL-certificate, some is thanks to faster delivery - and an increased PageSpeed.
Note that improving Google rankings not only leads to higher conversion rates - ROAS is also almost instantly improved. All combined, superior hosting improves ROI drastically. Saving on hosting costs is perhaps the single most destructive strategy of improving ROI of them all.

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